Excerpt from Sssssspellbinding article in Praire Books Now, re. The Serpent's Spell by Rae Bridgman

Bridgman translated for Icelanders (7 April 2012)
- Anita Daher, Winnipeg Free Press

Land of ice and magic (spring 2012)
Perry Grosshans, Prairie Books Now

Interview with Kim Babij, Shaw TV (9 February 2009)
(You will need the free software RealPlayer to view this 3-min. video
— download RealPlayer)
Hear about the release of 100 copies of the MiddleGate Books into the “wild”...

Literary landmark faces threat
- Joe Paraskevas, Winnipeg Free Press (25 November 2008)
(with photo by Phil Hossack)

Among the arguments to save Kelly House will be an appeal that the house, built in the 1880s, has also become a part of Winnipeg's literary past....Bridgman incorporated the house into a series of books for young people she wrote in recent years. The back brick wall of Kelly House is the portal to the magical city of MiddleGate, featured in Bridgman's works...

Heritage House's History Includes Fact and Fiction (13 November 2008)
- Avi Saper, Metro Newspaper (Canstar Community News Limited)
Now, instead of writing about Kelly House as the secret portal to the magical city of MiddleGate, Bridgman is trying to ensure that the building won’t be turned into a parking lot...

Rae Bridgman, excerpt from Meet Manitoba Children's Authors,
- by M.D. Meyer (Goldrock Press, 2008, pp. 72-73)
One of Rae Bridgman's earliest memories of writing was when she was in grade six and had to learn to write longhand with an old-fashioned quill pen and a bottle of black India ink...

Book Bites for Kids: Rae Bridgman is Today's Guest (21 August 2008)
- with Suzanne Lieurance (online interview, 30 minutes)

Bridgman returns to MiddleGate
- Dale Barbour, University of Manitoba Bulletin (June 2008)
This time 11-year-old cousins Wil Wychwood and Sophie Isidor get a whole new perspective on the Assiniboine River and the fishy world below its surface...

Review: 100 Minutes with an Author—Rae Bridgman
- Hilary Friesen, The Winnipeg Writers' Collection, The Collective Consciousness (November/December 2007)
The first thing [Rae Bridgman] asks is "Can everybody hear me?" Declining to use the mic, she declares that, with her years of experience as a university professor, she can hold a room of two or two hundred enthralled. She makes good on her promise. For the next 100 minutes, her voice dramatizes the magical nitty-gritty of writing children's fiction.

Television interview with Rae Bridgman
- Joanne Kelly, Shaw TV in Winnipeg, April 2007 (9 minutes)

Bridgman delivers Amber Ambrosia
- Dale Barbour, University of Manitoba Bulletin (April 2007)
Rae Bridgman has returned to the hidden city of MiddleGate. The city planning professor and associate dean (research) with the Faculty of Architecture has just released Amber Ambrosia, a follow up to The Serpent’s Spell. This time the two young protagonists Wil Wychwood and Sophie Isidor are trying to discover why MiddleGate’s honeybees are falling sick. Along the way, they find themselves transported into the Great Nest and get a bee’s eye view of the world...

Interview with Rae Bridgman
- Gabriele Goldstone, The Writers' Collective, The Collective Consciousness (spring 2007)
Rae Bridgman is proof that not having enough time to write is a pretty lame excuse for wannabe writers...

Sssssspellbinding...snakes and murder and mystery, oh my!
- David Jón Fuller, Prairie Books NOW (summer 2006)
This book is very much set in Winnipeg," [Bridgman] says. "I think we need some Canadian fantasy; there's not enough...a lot of it is Celtic and British and it's 'over there' 'far away. I think it's here. We're living right in the middle of it...

What secrets do the snakes of Narcisse hold?
- Dale Barbour, University of Manitoba Bulletin (June 2006)
City planning professor Rae Bridgman spins a tale involving snakes, secret societies and magic in
The Serpent's Spell...
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