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An Epic Tale...

The now-news from MiddleGate... Looks like the prize trip to Iceland is indeed cancelled, Wil’s old friend Mr. Bertram lands in jail, things are up in the air at Auntie Vi’s Fortune-Telling, Sophie and Wil have exams to study for, Aunt Rue doesn’t get the new job at the Secretariat after all, their neighbour Mrs. Oleander falls deathly ill – what a mess. Wil and Sophie have their hands full.






Kingdom of Trolls
Sybertooth Publications

McNally Robinson Book for Young People Award of the Manitoba Book Awards, 2012

Winner of a Moonbeam Children's Book Award,
Bronze Medal, Pre-Teen Fiction - Fantasy, 2011


"Though Hogwarts is a long way from Winnipeg, MiddleGate may be within reach. Next time you find yourself in the Exchange, take a closer look at the Kelly House and you may end up
someplace completely unexpected."
– Toby Cygman, The Bulletin

"Land of ice and magic...winning a free trip is not always a good thing!"
Perry Grosshans, Prairie Books Now

"Bridgman, the consummate academic and educator, successfully combines adventure, travel, magic, mystery, mythology, and history in Kingdom of Trolls to enthral, educate, and entertain young readers."
Darleen Golke, CM Magazine

"eccentric characters, fantastical places,
and magical action with bits of humour
and danger thrown in for good measure"
– RuiLin Guo,
What If? Magazine

"I highly recommend Kingdom of Trolls and the whole MiddleGate series."
– Laura Lehman, Bella Online

"The visit to TRöLLHeLLiR, the Kingdom of Trolls, is particularly exciting" and "Readers will enjoy the unusual characters in this series"
– Donna Gamache, Prairie Fire Review

"quick reading" and "entertaining"
– Kristine Moruzi,
Resource Links"

Learn about crystal balls, rune stones, trolls, ghosts and some rather tasteful museums in Iceland. With a book so full of mystery, folklore beings and galdur there is no better setting than Iceland."
- Heiða Simundsson, Icelandic Connection

"rollercoaster of an adventure", "authentic" and "exhilarating"
- Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir, Iceland Review

"This storyteller gives readers the gift of make-believe with dramatic style and an incredibly vivid imagination."
G. Goldstone, Gabe's Meanderings

First book of choice for the MTYP BOOK CLUB
(in partnership with McNally Robinson Books for Kids) read the announcement

Exhibition of illustrations from
Kingdom of Trolls

was held 6 FEBRUARY - 15 AUGUST 2011
Dr. Paul H.T. Thorlakson Gallery
The Icelandic Collection
Elizabeth Dafoe Library
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Enjoy black & white illustrations
from Kingdom of Trolls

Take the Kingdom of Trolls
Magical Literary Tour of Iceland


Aunt Violet pranced around the kitchen. “I can’t wait to tell Elvira Oleander the news,” she said. Her blueberry muffin sprayed crumbs, but Aunt Violet didn’t seem to care. “That’ll show the old sourpuss. Good fortune is smiling upon us! Rue, can you believe it? We’re going to Iceland!” Aunt Violet took a bite from what little remained of the muffin.

Aunt Rue was actually grinning. Wil had never seen her slather so much butter on a muffin – and it was her third muffin! He managed to muster a smile (even if it was a small, sickly smile), then picked up the letter from the table gingerly – the culprit letter spelling most certain disaster. He hoped Sophie had a plan, because his mind was blank…as blank as the leftover plate of the moon visible through the kitchen window. It was as if the clouds, threadbare in the noonday sun, had scrubbed the moon spotless. A bare, empty, germ-free spotless, the kind that wipes out any good ideas you’ve ever had before or might ever have again.

And Sophie….her eyeglass frames had turned from a clear, hard, icicle shine to mud brown. She was obviously going to be no help at all.

Wil turned back to the letter, still hoping there had been some huge, giant, enormous mistake. Maybe they really hadn’t won after all. Maybe there was a way out. Or maybe it was a joke.

Dear Madam Isidor:

It is our great pleasure to inform you your name
has been chosen as the Winner for the Perfect
Products Annual Mystery Trip Prize, an All-Expenses
Paid Trip for two adults and two children...

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